Treatment Areas:

communication issues

relationship issues



body image disturbance



binge eating

compulsive exercise

grief and loss



Making Peace with Food Group:

Integrating Solutions into Daily Life

This is a time limited weekly therapy group.  It's small (7-10 members) and designed for individuals who have some recovery with their eating issues and who would benefit from additional support and focus on:
  • identifying and dealing effectively with triggers
  • increased consistency in applying strategies for self-care
  • dealing with urges
  • integrating self-awareness, self-compassion and insight into daily life

Contact me if you are interested. 

New group will be forming soon!

        Beth Lyons, Tedrah Smothers and Elaine Blanchard present:             

Start Where You Are:

An Experiential Workshop for Developing the Practice of Self-Compassion and Gratitude

Join us for a guided journey towards mindfulness, self-compassion and gratitude. This workshop is designed to help participants develop skills for connecting to their true selves and experience an increased sense of balance and gratitude.  The workshop will include expressive therapies, yoga,  storytelling, and guided imagery.

Registration is limited to 20 participants.    NEXT DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED

INSATIATABLE APPETITES: Decoding the Hunger Within

  A weekend workshop for empowering women who are fed up with eating their feelings & hating their bodies

Do you feel food has become your most reliable source of comfort and your worst enemy?  Is there a disconnect between your best intentions and your actions?  If so, this day long workshop is for you!  Immerse yourself in an experiential day focusing on how food and weight obsessions allow us to bury our true feelings while fueling self hatred.  Learn why diets fail you instead of you failing them.  Join me for this intensive journey to discover and address buried  emotions and beliefs and begin the transition to intuitive eating, improved self-care and improved well being!

     Date to be announced . . .